Protecting and helping families since 1985


 “Very happy with service. Mike is easy to understand, useful, friendly, and likes my sense of humour. Love the service and information supplied to me this morning and very happy to be a client.”
Aaron Tily 23 June 2016

“Thanks for your help. I find you really good to deal with – no mucking around and good information!”
Adele and Neil, Geraldine

“I called on Mike to get a better deal on my insurance, both in cover and for a lower cost. Over the past 8 years he has answered all my enquiries promptly, without bias, and in my best interest. I highly recommend Mike as he gives a great service”
Alan Trenberth, Christchurch

“Mike has been looking after our insurances for 15 years now. He always explains the various insurance options so simply and clearly and helps us decide without pressure. He always gives us immediate responses to our queries and we recommend him highly.”
Gill Needham, Christchurch

“Mike was the first Insurance Adviser to take the time to explain the insurance options in a way that I could easily understand. So I bought some insurance from him and he saved me heaps on my premium.”
Dan Sutherland, Christchurch

“When my life was turned upside down by depression, I lost my business and my husband. But thankfully Mike looked after me, helped me with my Income Protection claim, and the money I receive monthly has helped me to keep my house so my children and I have a place of our own to live together. Thanks Mike.”
Name withheld by request.

“My partner and I have used an insurance broker (Acorn Insurance and Investments Christchurch) for approximately the last four years. We have both found the service we received to be second to none and feel we receive comprehensive advise and full disclosure.

“Before purchasing any policy we always make a point of doing our own independent research, this is one of the reasons I subscribe to Consumer.

“But no matter what independent results we come up with, we always give our broker the opportunity to come up with something better. And he always does. Thanks.”
Nadine Huston, Christchurch

“I cannot thank you enough for the support and understanding you have offered over the last few years Mike. To top it off with this offer,  really makes me believe there is good in the world and I am extremely grateful.”
Sarena Tokona – Christchurch