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How Disability Insurance Can Be Your Personal Guardian in New Zealand

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How Disability Insurance Can Be Your Personal Guardian in New Zealand

Let’s talk about something we often try to sweep under the rug – what would happen if life threw a curveball and left you facing a permanent disability? It’s not the easiest topic and many of us shy away from contemplating this scenario, but getting real about it is a sign of wisdom. Let’s delve into why disability insurance here in New Zealand is like having a personal superhero that has your back, ready to safeguard your income, mortgage, and overall quality of life.


Rolling with Life’s Surprises

Life’s a rollercoaster, and sometimes it throws us unexpected loops. Disabilities can pop up out of nowhere, whether it’s due to an accident or a health issue. Many of us think it won’t happen to us, but a car accident that isn’t your fault or a bad health diagnosis really can happen to any of us. Imagining worst-case scenarios like losing your eyesight or the ability to walk isn’t the most enjoyable exercise, but having a safety net of disability insurance will offer you the financial protection for when you need it most.


Protecting Your Income and Home

Picture this: life takes an unexpected turn, and suddenly, you can’t work. Your income stream? Gone. But fear not – disability insurance is your financial sidekick, stepping in to ensure a chunk of your income is safe and sound. What does that mean? Well, it means your mortgage payments stay on track, you may not have to reduce aspects of quality of life or resort to downsizing your home, and money will be one less thing to worry about.


What Type of Disabilities Would Mean I’m Covered?

When we think disabilities, our minds might jump to wheelchairs, but there’s a whole spectrum out there. Take vision impairment, for example – it can completely reshape your daily routine, particularly if you don’t have a partner or family member who is able to help you all hours of the day (not to mention, it would be tough to place that burden on anyone). Disability insurance can help for all sorts of situations, making sure you’re covered and can afford the assistance you need. It’s your financial safety net, giving you the space to focus on getting on with life as best as possible, without the added stress of wondering how you’ll pay the bills.


Is Permanent Disablement Insurance Really Necessary Here in New Zealand? 

You might be thinking, “aren’t we pretty well looked after in New Zealand for this type of thing?” and you’re right, our government does provide some financial assistance. But here’s the bottom line – while it’s a helpful safety net, it won’t be enough to maintain the quality of life you’ve worked hard for. If an awful twist of fate lands you with a disability, the last thing you want is to find yourself living week-to-week, trying to make ends meet solely with government compensation. You deserve more than just getting by! Total Disablement Insurance acts as your personal top-up, ensuring that even here in Aotearoa, you have the extra support needed to keep things ticking along smoothly.


Disablement Insurance isn’t just a safety net, it can be your personal superhero. It’s there to catch you when life throws unexpected twists and turns. Our team here at Acorn Insurance gets that life isn’t always straightforward, and we’re here to guide you through the world of disability coverage, including what you need and what you don’t here in New Zealand. Let’s make sure your future is as bright and worry-free as it deserves to be. Send us a message, and let’s chat about how total and permanent disability insurance can help you and your family in this unpredictable journey we call life.

Mike Bennett

In 1985, after 7 years in the banking industry in NZ & London, Mike Bennett joined the Life Insurance Industry as an adviser. In 2001 he started “Acorn Insurance & Investment Ltd” with the key principle; “to satisfy the insurance and investment needs of New Zealanders with the best products and service possible”. To achieve the guiding principle of “best products and service” the “Acorn” uses various industry research tools to identify the best products and prices to meet our client’s needs. Acorn has agencies with most of New Zealand’s major insurance companies which means we are free to use whichever products best meet our client’s needs. Believing that if we get it right for our clients we will achieve win-win solutions. We also recognise that nearly all insurance solutions are a compromise between the benefits you’d like to have versus the premiums you’re prepared to pay – with this in mind we WON’T be trying to sell you more insurance than you need or want !!

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