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Grosvenor accomplishes New Zealand first…..

Grosvenor accomplishes New Zealand first;

In a New Zealand first, the Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme has been acknowledged by the peak industry body representing ethical investors in the region. Grosvenor offers two Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) KiwiSaver funds, which have now been recognised and certified by RIAA (Responsible Investment Association of Australasia).
As responsible and ethical investing grows in popularity this is good news for advisers. Grosvenor’s experience is that SRI funds attract clients with bigger balances. Grosvenor’s work to gain RIAA certification means you can show your clients that the funds you are recommending have been scrutinised and given the tick by an independent body.
Every week the team at Grosvenor take calls from clients who have sought out an ethical investment option and found Grosvenor. These clients are being referred to Advisers with great outcomes for all. If you’d like to learn more about the growing area of responsible investing, please talk to your BDM and come along to the upcoming roadshows.

What does Socially Responsible Investing mean for me?

Socially responsible investing is a growing trend in New Zealand. RIAA’s Benchmark Report 2015 notes that there is growing demand from New Zealand consumers to align retirement savings with their values and beliefs. This demand is set to grow as individuals become more concerned with social and environmental issues and aware that they can choose financial products which reflect these values.
People who think this way have been putting their money where their mouths are. In the year ended 31 December 2014, assets invested in New Zealand according to core responsible investment policies (including the Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme SRI funds) grew by 19%. 10% of this growth came from investment returns, which means that nearly half of this growth in assets came from New Zealanders moving money into SRI products, either by switching from other products or simply making deposits.
Those who do choose to invest in SRI funds also tend to have more to invest. The average Grosvenor KiwiSaver Scheme account balance for members invested in one of the SRI funds is 27% higher than other members. This means that not only are SRI funds growing at a faster rate than non-SRI options, but those clients who are interested in investing in SRI options are likely to be more valuable to advisers.
The balance of members with 2/3 of their savings in SRI funds is on average  27% higher than other members.

Keen to know more or want to know how to access Grosvenor’s ethical funds..  just ask me to help.

Mike Bennett


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Mike Bennett

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